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Expert Speaker & Panelist

Invite Dr. Bhat to present her research findings intersecting gender, violence and popular culture or deliver insightful talks about her personal journey and vision in this social justice movement. She is available to speak as a keynote/plenary speaker, guest lecturer, or research presenter on your campus, institute or organization (offline and virtual).

Storytelling Facilitator

Explore a 90-minute Digital Storytelling (DST) training for an overview of the process and impact OR develop a 3-day training for a fully immersive digital storytelling experience. The end product of DST is a short audio-visual film that captures your personal true story. Dr. Bhat incorporates art, tech, and oral forms of storytelling as well. Connect with Dr Bhat for more information.

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Prevention Education & Culture Change

By drawing on her research of the power of images, true personal stories and representations of gender and gender violence (and related social issues), Dr. Bhat strives to engage communities for addressing and implementing prevention programs. Clients engage her as a consultant in the strategic planning of prevention work to bring about narrative and culture change, and in preparing and writing grant proposals using storytelling and evidence-based research.

Filmmaking & Media Impact Consultant

As a scholar specializing in film representation and storytelling, Dr. Bhat enjoys sharing her expertise, ideas, and support to the process of film-making. She can engage as a consultant and impact producer for shorts and documentaries highlighting social issues and movements related to gender issues and immigration justice.