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Podcasts & Recordings

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The Power of Storytelling in Our Everyday Lives

University of Illinois (UIC) Alumni Exchange Series

Web Conference Facilitator and Presenter

(October 2021)

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Migrant Storytelling: Highlighting Voices from Around the World

University of Philippines (UP CIFAL) & UNITAR Division for People and Social Inclusion

Guest Speaker and Panelist

(October 2021)

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Centering Students in WLRC’s History of Care, Community, and Resistance

Women's Leadership & Resource Center, University of Illinois at Chicago

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Talking About the Past to Change the Future; Engaging Communities and Preventing Intergenerational Cycles of Abuse Through Storytelling

ValorUS (formerly CALCASA)

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The Power Within: Empowering Girls & Women of Color

The National Girls and Women of Color Council, Inc. (NGWCC)


"Ending Street Harassment"

PreventConnect / ValorUS

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