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Essays & Articles

Bhat, M. (14 October 2019). “Empowering Immigrant and Refugee Women Through Digital Storytelling?”, in Ms. Magazine, 2019

Bhat, M. (September 2019). “My Experiences with Colorism as a South Asian Immigrant Woman: How I Learned to Celebrate and Embrace my Skin Color”, in Our Voices Our Stories: Advancing, Celebrating, Embracing and Empowering Girls and Women of Color (Ed.), NGWCC, Inc.

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Toolkits & Blogs

Bhat, M. (April 22, 2024). Catcalling is Not A Compliment”: Reclaiming My Healing from Street Harassment, Trauma Informed LA Blogs.


Co-Editor, for Expanding Partnerships and Key Linkages, Key Directions in Sexual and Domestic Violence Prevention Summary Report (2017) published by the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA) / PreventConnect.

Bhat, M. (April 11, 2019). Reflecting on Street Harassment: Experiences from India to the US: Prevention, Allyship & Community Accountability, a blog posted on Stop Street Harassment.


Bhat, M. (July 21, 2017). Blogging: Storytelling Tool for Critical Conversations, a blog posted on PreventConnect for LEAP program participants.


Bhat, M. (April 4, 2017). Preventing and Ending the Cycle of Street Harassment and Sexual Violence, a blog op-ed posted on PreventConnect and cross-posted on Stop Street Harassment.


Bhat, M. (December 5, 2016). Band of Brothers Engaging Boys and Men as Allies to Prevent Violence against Women in India, a blog posted on PreventConnect/ CALCASA.


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Bhat, M. (December 4, 2015). USA: Engaging Male Allies to End Violence Against Women, a blog posted on Stop Street Harassment.  


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Bhat, M. (October 12, 2015). USA: Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a blog posted on Stop Street Harassment.

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